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New Day, New Page, New Book | Be Adventurer

Because every day is a new beginning.

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For months now, every morning, I open my travel notebook and write down thoughts that I find floating around in my head.

Sometimes I wake up more energized, sometimes I get out of bed feeling simply unmotivated… yet there is one thought that I always keep in mind and transcribe on my reflection pages every single morning: every day, just as the sun rises, is a new beginning.

A new page

How often, come to think of it, do we wake up and are immediately assailed by hundreds of thoughts?

This only weighs down our minds and makes us lose motivation from the very first minutes of the day.

What helps me to clean my thoughts each day is to turn the pages of my notebook and erase all that ink I have used on previous pages by simply turning the page.

A blank page

All my eyes see, then, is now a big, new, completely white page.

That is my daily “reset” button. My notebook tells me that I don’t need to worry about anything, absolutely nothing; because a new day is starting and that means one thing: a new beginning.

Here and now is all that matters

That white, candid page that awaits me every morning reminds me that everything that happened yesterday or in any past is, indeed, past… and I don’t need to worry about it anymore.

That white, candid page reminds me that there is only one right moment in life and that is this exact moment.

I can turn the pages that follow but they will always be completely blank and clean; reminding me that I don’t even have to worry about the future because the pages of our lives have yet to be written and the time will be right for them.

A bookmark

There, I like to see each day as just a bookmark: a new beginning.

Because we should not grieve over what happened yesterday, not even over what happened at any time in the past…



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