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What Are We Really Looking For? | Be Adventurer

A reflection on what really matters.

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It’s a time of deep and long reflections that I am going through these months in Melbourne, and as I often meet new people from various parts of the world, new doubts and thoughts continually arise that make me reflect.

In fact, a few days ago, while talking to a dear person, we were having a conversation about what we wanted to get out of life and her answer made me think for hours, so much so that I felt it was important to share my thoughts on the matter.

“How do you imagine your dream life?”

I asked this person how she would imagine her “dream” life and how she planned to achieve it and her answer was as follows:

“I want to make sure I have everything I’ve always had.

Lots of holidays, a big holiday home on an island, the opportunity to travel a lot and have a nice big property to live in”.

At the moment I smiled and imagined how nice it would be to own all those things and for a few moments I thought maybe I would like it too.

However, when she asked me what I wanted from my life, everything suddenly froze.


Suddenly I looked around me.

I looked at everything that was surrounding me and the current life I am living: in that exact instant I realized that I didn’t need anything else mi sono accorto che non avevo bisogno d’altro.

I have a job I love and friends who are extremely special… strong and deep connections.

For the first time in my life I also realized that I don’t even feel the need to travel (something I have been desperately seeking for the past few years), because I realize that I am fine and have everything I need.

“What do we really want?”

I analyzed her answer and wondered why she wanted to own all those possessions and soon realized that, unconsciously, she was associating all those things with happiness.



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